Opening hours
How to find us

El Sur Restaurant

5602 East 22nd Street

Tucson, Arizona 85711


Catering Menu

Birria, Red Chile, Green Chile, Carnitas, Chilaquiles, Fajitas (Steak, chicken,shrimp or Pork) .All come with rice, beans, tortilla, chips and salsa.  We also provide paper plates, forks and napkins.


Customer pick up 1-50( Two Choices)                             $ 7.00 per person

Delivery (over 50 people and 2 choices )                          $ 8.00 per person

Delivery set up and serve ( over 100 only)
 with this one you will also get FREE Chilaquiles
 and cold Macaroni Salad                                               $9.00 per person

Mini Chimi’s                                                                 $15.00 per dozen

Mini Taquitos                                                                $15.00 per dozen

Mini flautas                                                                   $15.00 per dozen

Sour Cream                                                                   $ 6.75 32 oz cup

Home Made Guacamole                                                 $15.75 32 oz cup


Please contact Isela Mejia if you have any questions or would like to have a taste test at 520-270-5712. DEPOSIT OF 50% REQUIRED FOR CATERINGS OVER $200.00